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Allure of Evil

inspired by spawnfan's Temptation of Evil series


Pipopa hovered around the corner, cheerfully popping a marshmallow into his mouth. "Hiroko, congrat--"

The young woman in the room whirled about, red eyes flashing.


As Pipopa turned to flee, a black-gloved hand snatched his bobbing cotton-fluff tail, cruelly yanking him back as a second gloved hand clasped around his throat.

"...Hiroko..." Pipopa gasped out, blue eyes squinting nearly closed with pain.

"How could I forget my magical companion?"

There was perhaps a tone of mockery in the voice. The young woman continued to grip Pipopa's throat, as her other hand released Pipopa's abused tail and slowly traced a finger across his cheek.

"...fight it..."

"My most trusted friend?"

The mockery was unmistakable now. Her finger glided sideways, gently tapping Pipopa on the nose, then continuing upwards.


"The voice of my _conscience_?"

The young woman spat out the last word with disgust as her finger jabbed down hard onto the sigil on Pipopa's forehead, lighting up with black fire. Pipopa screamed as best he could through his constricted throat as the stench of burnt hair and flesh filled the room. The young woman tossed him away from her, watching unconcernedly as Pipopa's body bounced off the wall and onto the bed.

Pipopa continued to breathe raggedly. The cotton fluff twitching at the end of his tail was the only other sign of life.

The young woman stared expressionlessly at Pipopa's body.

Pipopa's breathing quickened, then deepened into short grunts. His limbs stiffened, then slowly lengthened. His sleek fur grew coarse and tangled. His twitching tail moved more quickly as its girth began to increase.

The young woman continued to watch.

Pipopa's grunts turned to howls of agony as fangs erupted from his mouth, cutting through his gums. Blood and drool covered the sheets as his muzzle extended and razor sharp claws burst through his paws, shredding the mattress. The raw skin on his forehead began to scar over as his entire body thrashed, continuing to gain muscle and mass. Dark stripes appeared in the tangled fur.

The young woman smiled coldly.

The creature's howls diminished as its thrashing subsided. New thoughts coursed through what remained of its mind.





The cotton fluff at the end of the creature's tail exploded into a heavy ball of spikes. A final twitch of its dangerous new weapon destroyed the nightstand next to the bed. White feathers fell to the floor as the creature spread its wings, leaving them composed of only a sickly colored membrane. The creature's eyes snapped open, showing pure rage in their yellowed orbs as it sprang off the remains of the bed, landing directly in front of the young woman.

The young woman patted the scars marring the creature's forehead, ignoring its warning snarls.

"I prefer you much better like this..."

She sharply slapped its nose, momentarily cowing the creature.


The young woman climbed aboard the creature's back. The creature growled as she tightly wound her fingers into its shaggy fur. She leaned forward to give it her order.


The creature's wings unfurled as it leapt forward, shattering the glass of the patio door as it soared off the balcony into the night.


It wasn't until the next morning that a neighbor frightened by the sounds of the night before came over to check up on the girl who lived in the apartment. One look at the destroyed bed covered in blood sent her running from the room in search of the police.

Of course, by that time, the police had other worries than one missing girl...
I've been following spawnfan's "Temptation of Evil" series since the beginning, and have been enjoying
Hiroko-chan's turn to the dark side. This may not be where his tale eventually goes, so let's just say
it's a possible alternate-universe ending.

Thanks to spawnfan for giving me the inspiration to write this piece, as well as the permission to post it.
Birdman02714 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2016
So, Hiroko seemed to easily beat the previous evil girl. Yet for a woman with such power, she gave in to evil without a fight. She seemed to have no conscience and killed her boyfriend, destroyed the mother and father and turned their young son into a female slave.
Surely Hiroko should have fought against the evil trying to control her, tooth and nail and refused to give in at all?
Knight-BIshop Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I like it.
Escafa Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome. I'm glad I was able to inspire such a cool story.
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